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Creative Industry College – KRU Academy

KRU Academy is a Creative industry college specialising in skills related to the creative industry strategically located in Cyberjaya, Malaysia’s premier IT and educational hub, accessible via KL Sentral and Putrajaya Sentral. We aspire to cultivate innovation and creativity, improve skills and increase the amount of local talents in Malaysia. Adopting a practical training approach, each course is developed and designed by experts, and is in line with current developments and best practices in the creative industry, globally.

In addition, KRU Academy’s advisory panel comprises of professionals from both local and international organizations.Currently, KRU Academy plays a significant role in the development of skilled work force to support the growth of the Malaysian Creative Industry via vocational diploma and certificate programs. Our program is the Diploma in 3D Animation whereby students will be trained and gain exposure to industry’s best practices globally using the latest software and technology.

This program is designed to develop essential skills such as modeling , animation, storyboards, rigging and many more. It is a 24 months program using NOSS Level 3 – (3D Animation operation support) as training framework and adobe curriculum as global benchmarking. After the completion of this program, students will receive professional diploma from KRU Academy and will be industry ready. Throughout the program, the students will also engage with their potential employers through our industry partnership initiatives.

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