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Ribbit Screening – KRU Academy

As many as 200 KRU Academy students were treated to a preview of RIBBIT, the first 3D animated film produced by KRU last Friday. The director of RIBBIT, Chuck Powers stated that this preview is the first of its kind before its ‘world premier’ dued to be held in September 2014.

KRU Studio and KRU Academy are continually creating opportunities for their students to benefit from an early exposure to the process of creating a world class animated film. The 3-hour long session culminated with a question and answer sessions with Chuck Powers.

According to the director, four more 3D animated movies are expected to come out. Furthermore he expresses hope that students will put their focus on their studies and prepare themselves for a career in KRU to help to realise KRU’s goals of producing a minimal of one movie per year.

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