Through KRU Academy’s up-skilling and re-skilling program named as MasterClass, trainees will be given the hands-on approach by industry professionals and trainers using software and hardware in a production studio environment. Apart from creative industry KRU MasterClass also cover various topic such as business & entrepreneur and performing arts.

Programme Structure

The most advanced social media analytics, reporting, publishing, and recommendation suite in the industry. Start delivering measurable impact on your community and business today with us. Social media marketing represents a wide interactive dialogue between brands and the prospective customers. It also concerns the domains of public relation and human resource efficiently. With social media marketing, anybody now can connect with people in their industry, impress with their professionalism, and gather information directly to them.

Personal branding has become an effective way communication between a person and their respective publics, differentiating them from their competitors based on uniqueness and distinct values. With personal branding, one can establish themselves beyond a resume and further determine who they are as an individual and how they can be an asset to various corporations.

Among fundamental key to flourishing in a competitive business environment is to attain competence and professionalism in communication. The art of professional communication has become more pronounced as technology blurs the lines between the public, private and corporate life. An increasingly global workplace also highlights the need for us to conscious of not only what we say to our business peers and clients, but more importantly, how we speak to them.

This module is designed for participants with or without prior experience in a Musical Theater to develop self confidence and skills  for public speaking. Training includes vocal coaching,choreography and acting.

This course delves into techniques using Adobe Premiere Pro as the main tool timeline-based video editing software. Students will utilize several different methods such as cut and trim using razor tools and the Ripple Edit tools. In addition, students will learn using editing, transition and effects to create stunning visuals.

Learning outcome

  • Demonstrate video sequence editing.
  • Produce visuals for commercial purpose.
  • Identify techniques to create complete story telling.

This course introduces the how-to’s of poster design through hands-on project using Adobe Photoshop. This course will teach students the essentials of Adobe Photoshop including drawing tools, colour tools and its manipulation feature. This project will explain the steps to preparing poster design that includes images, typography, colour palate and many more.

Learning outcome

  • Construct poster concept
  • Develop core skills in Adobe Photoshop
  • Adapt photo manipulation technique

This course explores the process in creating an animated infographic in After Effect. This course tackles the how-to’s to transforming complicated information into info that is easily understandable and visually compelling. This course is a step-by-step process to creating animated infographics. By the end of the course students will learn how to tell a story visually via animated infographics.

Learning outcome

  • Illustrate animated infographics
  • Demonstrate motion graphic skills
  • Solve complex data and information