The Creative Industry


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prumer penisu The Creative Industry is an emerging sector of the Malaysian economy and is one of the key industries under the Economic Transformation Program. Through integrated initiatives by various government agencies such as FINAS, MCMC, MDeC, Cradle, MyCreative Ventures, MDV and many more, and the corporate sector including Astro, Media Prima, KRU Studios, Pinewood Studios, etc; the industry is expected to generate 3% of GDP by 2020.

hrana koja povećava grudi There are many initiatives that have been rolled out or currently in progress including FINAS Production Rebate Scheme to incentivize domestic and foreign investments in Malaysia, international marketing programs coordinated by FINAS and Matrade, high speed broadband by TM, introduction of new digital channels (analogue switch off in 2016) and many more initiatives that will spur the growth of the Creative Industry, and provide various business and employment opportunities.

tablete za rast Apart from infrastructure investments, Content Development is vital and will be the driving force to achieve Digital Malaysia’s initiatives and transform it into K-economy. Apart from profit objectives, content development are also important in the creation of intellectual property as wells as protect our national identity through the preservation of our national language, culture and heritage.

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